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What We Do

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Prototype rapidly and discreetly with Suntronic’s dedicated prototyping facilities. Whether it is a 5 Day, 3 Day, 24 Hour, or same day service, both of Suntronic’s Houston and Dallas facilities are ready to fulfill your NPI and Prototyping needs.

Supply Chain

Procure materials at cost-effective rates with Suntronic’s ability to aggregate purchases across multiple projects. Our ongoing relationships with global materials vendors allow us access to the best prices for high-quality materials. Our longstanding partnerships also enable us to remain in touch with pricing trends to time our purchases to your advantage.

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Take full advantage of the latest printed circuit board assembly equipment with Suntronic’s continually optimized manufacturing environment. Whether a few units for prototypes, modest quantities for pre-production, or thousands in volume production, our equipment strategy is designed to produce a highly flexible manufacturing environment.


As a Suntronic partner, you will be privy to one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of cost-effective high-performance interconnect solutions, cable assemblies, and wire harnesses.

Our Cable techs take pride in producing high quality cable systems that meet IPC A620.

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Low Pressure Molding & Potting

Suntronic’s low-pressure molding process safely encapsulates parts in seconds, providing waterproofing and protection against temperature extremes, harsh chemicals, shock, and vibration. The process is uniquely positioned between potting and high-pressure injection molding. 


Whether you need a simple product involving integrating a PCB into an enclosure, or a front panel assembly equipped with a display, full harness, connectors, switches, and fuses, Suntronic can expertly provide any level of integration.

Beyond the remit of a typical box build, Suntronic engineering and manufacturing teams are experienced in producing sophisticated electro-mechanical devices.

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Work with Suntronic’s experienced electrical engineers and technicians who excel at developing methodologies and design fixtures to reduce manufacturing costs, improve production yields, identify failures early, support root cause analysis, and assist customers with DFT (Design For Test) analysis.


Whether you need to encapsulate an electronic assembly with a compound to protect its components from shock, vibration, corrosion, and contaminants or apply adhesive designed for PCBA in a specific area of your products, Suntronic will implement the ideal solution to ensure the longevity of your products.

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From shipping, warehousing, eCommerce fulfillment, to kitting, Suntronic provides reliable fulfillment and distribution services for your business. More than delivering packages, Suntronic is unpacking stress-free logistics for business leaders everywhere.

Repair Depot

Whether in-warranty or post-warranty repair, Suntronic can tailor a solution to your needs. Rest easy knowing all of your repaired electronics are thoroughly tested, cleaned, and repackaged by experts according to your specific requests.

In addition to replacing components, we can diagnose and make repairs at the board level.

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