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Kitted PCB Assembly Services

Kitted PCB Assembly Services

Suntronic Inc. offers kitting services for PCB assembly where we populate and assemble the PCBs with components received from the client. Every project is different, so the board design as well as component quantity requirements will differ too. Despite these, as a reliable kitted PCB assembly services provider, we follow quality standards and the best practices of assembly that help us assure the quality of PCBs.

What is Kitting in PCB Assembly?

In kitting, the client provides all the components or some of them as decided, in a kit, making it easier for us to assemble the PCBs. Kitting offers us the convenience of accessing all components, wires, and parts in a kit. Here is some some information about how we go about kitting PCBA:

  • The bill of materials (BOM) is the most important document required for kitting. It offers an overview of the assemblies, sub-assemblies, raw materials, components, and parts required for the assembly. It also mentions the quantities of each of these items required for assembly. In short, the BOM offers the list of items needed to build a product.
  • Along with BOM, we accept the list of components once they are discussed with the client.
  • Once we receive the kit, we check and verify all the parts as per the BOM, which is then documented.
  • Our program managers and coordinators are skilled and experienced, and know the perfect placement of components, PCB manufacturing and assembling processes.
  • Even if we receive a ready kit and design file, we analyze them in terms of technical and financial feasibility, compatibility, and so on.
  • After a complete analysis, we offer you a quote and estimated completion time.
  • Some clients opt for partial kitting, which means they give some special components. We procure the remaining components based on the BOM.
  • To quickly prep these kits for assembling, we employ well-equipped assembly lines such as storage areas for RoHS compliant kits, lead formation systems, component formers, and more.
  • We offer several kitted PCB assembly types, including surface mounting, through-hole, double-sided BGA, mixed SMT/through-hole, and more.
  • You can send us the design files in these formats- Gerber, Eagle, AutoCAD, Pick and Place, and DWG BOM for both RoHS and non-RoHS PCBs.
  • This is a quick and cost-effective option we offer our clients, especially the ones who have their BOM, components, and design file ready.
  • Kitting is especially useful for clients dealing in mission-critical applications where there is zero tolerance for error or changes in parts or components.

Our Kitted PCB Assembly Services Guidelines for Each Component

The packaging and kitting requirement of each board component depends on various factors such as fragility, shape, weight, dimensions, and so on. If not packed as per the set standards, they may be damaged. Here are our kitting guidelines based on the component type:

  • Through-hole Components: These include sockets, leaded parts, and DIP packages. For sockets, we retain the packaging of the vendor. Leaded parts must be packed either loose or on reels. DIPs are best packed in tubes.
  • Surface Mount Devices (SMDs): These include leaded components or ICs, passive parts, digital signal processing chips DSPs, connectors and stencils. The connectors may have leads which may be damaged if not sealed well. Hence, we use waffle packaging for connectors. The parts such as resistors and capacitors are placed in the packing box using the standard pick and place method. The Digital Signal Processing Chips (DSPs) are sensitive to moisture and humidity and must be sealed in waffle trays using standard techniques to prevent the entry of moisture.


In addition to the above, we request our clients to follow the below guidelines while requesting the partial turnkey assembly quote:

  • The ICs must be packed in either trays or tubes and loaded in a manner that they remain steady and in the same direction.
  • If sending multiple work orders, ensure to label every order correctly with its own components.
  • All components of the BOM must be included in a separate bag and marked for easy identification.
  • Try to include the components in additional quantities for attrition.
  • Quote number or order number must be included on all shipments.

Why Choose Suntronic Inc. for Your Kitted PCB Assembly Projects

If you are a PCB manufacturer or an OEM with in-house fabrication unit, these PCB assembly kits may be extremely useful in terms of increasing efficiency, speed, and accuracy. It also helps save time and cost. At Suntronic Inc., we offer full kitting services for OEMs and PCB manufacturers as well as ecommerce fulfillment. With well-equipped facilities in Dallas and Houston, we offer several services in the electronics manufacturing segment including PCB assembly and kitting services. Feel free to contact us in case you need more information regarding our kitted assembly services for PCBs.