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Rapid Prototyping PCB Assembly

Rapid Prototyping PCB Assembly

The demand for advanced electronic devices is always high. To leverage the trend, most electronics OEMs are focused on improving their time-to-market capabilities. However, it is necessary for electronic engineers to test the effectiveness of their new electronic device designs. At Suntronic, we provide prototype PCB assembly services that allows electronics OEMs to ensure the functionality of their printed circuit boards. These prototypes help clients as well as our engineers to identify the areas of improvement as well as recommend design changes that improve manufacturability.

Rapid PCB Prototyping Assembly Capabilities of Suntronic

Suntronic is widely recognized for its exemplary prototype PCB assembly services, dedicated to assisting clients in manufacturing small batches of PCB prototype boards for their electronic applications. We take pride in our extensive capabilities, carefully cultivated over the years, which have allowed us to efficiently serve our clients.

  • Instant Quoting: We understand that a commitment to fast turnaround time means little without providing instant quotes to our clients. Our team of experts meticulously examines each requirement and promptly delivers quotes based on the provided specifications. To obtain a quote, simply share the following files with us at
    • Gerber Files
    • BOM List
    • Quantity Requirements
  • Design for Assembly Review: We recognize that design errors can cause significant delays in PCB prototyping projects. To mitigate this issue, our experts employ top-of-the-line software to scrutinize design files, identifying potential issues that could impact the project. Any identified issues are communicated to the client, along with suggested corrective actions. Typically, this comprehensive design review process begins after an order has been placed.
  • Effortless Procurement and Cost-effectiveness: We maintain an extensive inventory of commonly used parts, significantly reducing procurement time. Throughout the years, we have cultivated partnerships with reputable suppliers in the industry, ensuring a seamless procurement process for boards and specialized components. Our procurement team possesses an in-depth understanding of diverse project requirements, enabling them to work effectively with these suppliers. We always source part numbers directly from the manufacturers mentioned in the BOM to guarantee quality. Our experts are committed to upholding high-quality standards and never alter any part number without explicit client approval. This unwavering commitment to quality has ensured client satisfaction throughout our journey. Additionally, we assist clients in reducing overall costs for small BOMs by selecting the most appropriate packaging options, such as bulk, tube, or cut tape.
  • Advanced SMT Assembly Capabilities: Surface mount components are integral to PCB assemblies, and we have made significant investments in equipment feeders for offline setups, as well as identically configured assembly lines. These investments enable us to meet the complex requirements of SMT assemblies in PCB prototype boards. Here are some key features of our SMT assembly capabilities:
    • Double- and single-sided PCB assemblies
    • BGA, UBGA, CSP, and small profile passives down to and including 020
    • RoHS and leaded assemblies
  • On-time Delivery: Meeting deadlines is crucial in rapid prototyping projects, and we fully comprehend its significance. To ensure the swift delivery of PCB prototype boards, we have meticulously designed our turnkey process. As soon as the parts are procured, our rapid PCB prototyping assembly commences. In the initial stages, our experts conduct a thorough Design for Assembly process, guaranteeing accuracy and minimizing potential component issues.
Rapid Prototyping PCB Assembly Capabilities
Layer Count
2-6 layers, Other as per custom specification.
Industry standard 0.062″ FR-4 laminate.
Standard 1oz. finished copper weight.
Minimum trace & space to guarantee manufacturability .006 Inch.
Smallest board dimension .35 inch in one direction; (square board = .64 x .64.)
Maximum board size is 12 x 14 (to 168 sq-inches)
Alternative Finish
Tin lead or Silver finish or Gold finish
24 drill sizes available (finished size after plating):.008, .014, .020, .025, .029, .033, .036, .040,
.043, .046, .053, .061, .067, .080, .087, .093, .100, .110, .125, .141, .151, .167, .193, .251
(.008 available with 4 and 6 layer only)
Green soldermask over bare copper (SMOBC) Hot Air Level (HAL).
1 or 2-sided silkscreen (also known as “legend” or “nomenclature”).
Robust Testing Protocols
Design & Bill of Material validation
Standard electrical validation test (EVT) via flying probe
Visual inspection
RoHS Compliant
Lead-Free RoHS Compliant Board option available on every service type with no added lead-time or added costs!
*All the above mentioned capabilities differ as per customer design

Why Choose Suntronic for Your Rapid Prototyping Requirements

As an experienced electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, we have had several opportunities to work with clients across industries like communications, industrial controls, infrastructure, and OEMs. We understand their tight deadlines, complex design requirements, and above all – demand for quality and cost effectiveness. We believe our in-depth understanding of client requirements combined with the following factors has helped us become one of the leading rapid PCB prototyping assembly services in the US.

  • We can easily meet 24-hour or same day, 3-day, and 5-day services through prototyping and NPI lines at our facilities.
  • Our facilities feature state-of-the-art machines and equipment that enable us to assure the fastest turnaround times and quality services over our competitors.
  • Our rapid prototype assembly services coupled with a quick-response supply chain enables us to get new hardware revisions onto the design engineer’s bench for testing in the minimum time.
  • Rapid prototype assembly is a requirement for a wide range of procurement and manufacturing services for regular production. Knowing this, we have built capabilities that enable us to support customers throughout the project.

Generally, many prototype PCB assembly services providers do not accept complex designs due to the intricacies involved; however, we are different. We accept complex designs and have helped many OEMs introduce their products faster to the market than their competitors. Customer satisfaction is the sole focus of our service. We always strive to serve customers above their expectations. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to discuss your PCB prototype assembly service requirements. Our experts would be happy to assist you in materializing your ideas into thriving product designs.