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Networking and Communication

PCB Assembly Solutions for Networking and Communication Applications

High speed and seamless networks and advanced communication technologies are essential for the growth of any business. This can be achieved if the core of these networking devices, which is the circuit board assembly, functions well. While PCBs are integral to the functioning of electronic or electromechanical devices, their application in communications and networking technologies has simply been revolutionary. Suntronic Inc. is an experienced full service contract manufacturer and has been catering to the PCBA needs of diverse markets including networking and communication. We can cater to the most complex requirements with dissimilar networks, long transmission distances, varied connected devices, and so on. We have a well-equipped facility with advanced tools which allows us to offer the right PCBA solutions for complex and large networks and communication devices.

Suntronic’s PCB Assembly Services for Communication and Networking

PCBs have been used in communication systems from the times of the good old landline phones and intercom systems within offices and premises. This has evolved and come a long way to deliver huge amounts of data such as videos and images over a cable to far off places and at high speeds. Over the years, we’ve been offering quick turn PCBA solutions to the players in networking and communication. Here are some of the PCB assembly services we offer:

  • PCB board manufacturing: Electronic devices as well as networking requirements are becoming increasingly complex by the day. However, we can cater to the most complex requirements in PCB manufacturing for various aspects of this sector. We manufacture PCBs for smartphones, VoIP modems, fiber optic switches, media converters, fiber optic routers, USB controllers, Gigabit Ethernet switches, and so many types of network devices and optical components. We also offer the required enclosures for telecom systems, subsystems, cables, optical components, and so on. We usually use FR4 boards but may use other materials depending on the client requirements.
  • Component mounting: Most commonly, we use surface mount technology with an automated pick and place operation for component mounting. We use robotic arms for the same.
  • Testing: We are extremely focused on quality and use stringent testing and inspection techniques for our boards and assemblies. We check them in terms of design and structure, components, functionality, and so on. We use a number of testing techniques such as visual inspection, AOI, x-ray inspection, microscopic inspection, and flying probe test (FPT).
  • Assembly: We use assembly types such as ball grid array (BGA), uBGA/Micro BGA, chip-scale packaging (CSP) and various soldering techniques such as high melting point, selective soldering, Au80, and Pb88. While we offer RoHS compliant or lead-free assemblies, we also provide lead-based or tin-soldered boards depending on the requirement. We offer assemblies for satellite systems, RF communication applications including components such as RF transceivers, modulators, amplification systems, and so on.

Benefits of Partnering with Us for Networking and Communication Applications

We are a full service electronics manufacturer and hence offer end-to-end PCBA solutions or as required by our clients in the networking industry. Our clients immensely benefit from our customization capabilities along with partial or full turnkey options we offer. Here are some benefits of partnering with us to fulfill your PCB assembly requirements for the communications and networking sector.

  • We have all the capabilities required to offer turnkey PCB manufacturing and assembling, along with the required experience and technical expertise to offer complex PCBA for RF, satellite, and optical systems.
  • We offer prototypes as well as pilot runs to get an approval from our clients and make changes as necessary. All our processes are streamlined, and we ensure testing at each stage of the process. We also offer full production PCBAs, cable & wire harness assembly, box build, system level assembly integration, and testing. Being experts in the supply chain part, we ensure safe packaging and deliveries of the PCB assembly.
  • Depending on the client requirement, we can procure the required components well within time, thanks to our robust supply chain and vendor network.
  • As mentioned, we are extremely particular about the quality of our boards and assembly and understand its significance in the communications sector, especially in mission critical applications. Hence, we have implemented stringent testing and inspection protocols at each stage of PCB manufacturing and assembling. We follow LEAN practices for testing, streamlining and control of processes, supplier evaluation, and so on.
  • We have excellent engineering as well as customer support teams which helps us ensure technical assistance, on-time deliveries, as well as aftersales support, repair, and maintenance services.
  • We believe in innovation and continual improvement, and hence have a robust R&D team in place which fosters technological advancements which can match the ever advancing networking devices.
  • We have worked with several clients in the networking and communications sector and catered to diverse requirements of each of them. This has enriched our experience and continually improved our customization capabilities. We keep ourselves upgraded with the developments in this sector and work on further improvements in PCB solutions.
  • We offer the best prices and fast turnaround times for all our clients in this sector as we understand their pace of working. This is achieved without compromising on quality and accuracy.

Applications of PCB Assembly in Communication and Networking

We regularly deliver PCBAs for the following applications in the communication and networking industry.

  • Cell phones
  • Telecom towers
  • Telecom processors
  • Modems
  • Multiplexers

With our state-of-the-art facilities in Dallas and Houston, experienced team of engineers and over two decades of experience to our credit, we are capable of catering to all your networking and communication requirements and offer the best possible solutions. Once you share your requirements with us, we can offer you a quick quote. If you are an OEM who requires a PCB assembly in communication and networking applications, we can serve you. For any enquiries on PCB assembly services, you can contact us via phone or email, or visit our facilities.