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Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable and wire harness assembly comprises a set of wires, cables, as well as subassemblies, which are designed to supply power in industrial applications. A cable assembly usually features two ends, while the wire assembly may feature multiple ends, which run in multiple directions. At Suntronic, we specialize in the manufacturing of complex cable harness assemblies and wire harness assemblies. Our cable and wire harness assemblies are widely used in various industrial applications such as automotive and military. All manufacturing is performed in-house at our well-equipped facility by leading industry experts. This helps us assure quality, repeatability, and performance.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Capabilities

We use advanced assembly techniques and design software like CAD to convert layout ideas into performance-centric product drawings. We believe the following wire and cable harness assembly capabilities that we have built over the years have helped us serve our clients better.

  • Types of cables and harnesses: We regularly manufacture the following types of cable and wire harnesses.
    • Ribbon cables
    • Coaxial cables
    • Fiber optic cable assemblies
    • Synthetic and stainless steel cables
    • Electromechanical assemblies
    • FEP, ETFE, and PFA – wires and cables
    • Halogen-free cables
    • Custom cable harnesses
    • Passive component-to-wire
  • Components: We manufacture complex cable harness assemblies with the following components:
    • Wires
    • Shrink Tubing
    • Wire Ties
    • Wires
    • Shielding
    • Connectors
    • Strain Reliefs
    • Molding
    • Clamps
    • Clips
    • Terminals
  • Materials We Work: Our advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to work with a wide range of materials that meet your specific application requirements.
    • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
    • Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
    • Thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE)
    • Polyurethane (PU)
    • Silicone
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)
    • Thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV)
  • Conductor Insulation: The choice of the right insulation material is important for protecting your cable and wire harness assembly from environmental factors. Our experts choose these conductor materials based on factors such as abrasion resistance required, flexibility, protection from environmental factors, and so on. Silicone, PTFE, TPE, and PU are some common materials that we regularly work with.
  • Ends: We can provide cables and wires with the following ends:
    • Cut
    • Lug
    • Tinned and Stripped
  • Conductor Sizes: We can easily extrude conductors as large as 12 gauge and 34 gauge. The following are a few common conductor sizes we work with:
    • 12 awg
    • 14 awg
    • 16 awg
    • 18 awg
    • 20 awg
    • 22 awg
    • 24 awg
    • 28 awg
    • 30 awg
    • 32 awg
    • 34 awg
  • Assembly and Processing Capabilities: The following assembly and processing capabilities allow us to serve our clients better.
    • Crimping
    • Cutting
    • Stripping
    • IDC and Modular Crimping
    • Wire Bundling
    • Wire Twisting
    • Labels
    • Form Board Layouts

Wire and Cable Harness Assembly Testing Procedures

Wire and cable harness assemblies are manufactured for use in various complex applications. Thus, the wires within these assemblies undergo functional testing to ensure their performance, safety, and reliability when used in an application. The wire and cable harness assemblies are subjected to the following tests to ensure their excellent performance.

  • Visual Testing: This is the most basic level of testing performed by our experts. Under this, they examine the wires and cables for signs of damage, which may occur during any phase of manufacturing. In addition to this, they also inspect connectors and sockets, examine enclosures to ensure they are secured safely, and check if the assemblies comply with the specifications of applications, and so on.
  • Electrical Testing: The cables are tested for shorting, incorrect wiring, and open wires. All these tests are performed at once by linking the connector assembly and an electrical fixture using a mating connector.
  • Signal Integrity Testing: In this type of testing, the cables and wires are tested for their signal integrity. It means, they are tested for their efficiency to maintain signals in an application. Crosstalk, error testing, and signal strength testing are a few common types of tests conducted here.
  • Environmental Testing: Cable and wire harness assemblies are used in various applications, indoors and outdoors. These cables and harnesses may be exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions such as high temperatures, salt fog, saltwater spray, condensation, and so on. Thus, cable and wire harnesses used in these conditions must withstand these conditions, else, they may be subjected to degradation, premature aging, as well as accelerated corrosion. We perform various environmental testing on regular and complex wire and cable harness assemblies.
  • Mechanical Testing: The cables are tested for their mechanical properties to ensure they meet the requirements of an application. In this testing, our experts test cables for their tensile strength, elongation, impact and crush resistance, and so on.

Benefits of Choosing a Wire and Cable Harness Assembly from Suntronic

Owing to their utility in all regular and high-end electronic applications, today, it is quite easy to find several manufacturers specializing in them. However, the following benefits offered by our assemblies make them popular with our OEM clients.

  • We assure the highest level of customizability to support specific functions required by different applications.
  • These cable and wire harness assemblies can be availed in unlimited combinations to meet complex requirements.
  • They are designed with multiple interconnects, which assure speedy installation time.
  • These wire and cable harness assemblies assure safety by consolidating the dangerous electrical wiring.
  • Made of high-quality materials, these harnesses enable customers to protect their cables from bending or tangling, and also from harmful exposure to environmental elements.
  • We can provide sleek cable and wire harness assemblies that allow customers to save space inside the electronic applications.
  • Our high-quality interconnect systems meet IPCA620 standards.
  • We have invested in advanced systems that can perform automatic stripping, termination, as well as testing that allows us to assure efficiency and quality in all products that we ship.

At Suntronic, we treat each project equally. We regularly process repeated orders for standard cable and harness assemblies, as well as the ones with complex designs. For us, there are no standard or complex requirements. All requirements are equally important. We specialize in the assembly and layout of cable assemblies of various types. Feel free to get in touch with our experts today to discuss your requirement for complex cable harness assembly. They will work closely with you to design and develop cable and harness assemblies that meet your requirements and assure you the best value for investment.