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Consigned PCB Assembly

Consigned PCB Assembly

In a regular turnkey printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), everything right from material procurement to assembly and testing is performed by the manufacturer. However, consigned PCB assembly services serves as a hybrid solution where all parts and components required for the assembly are procured by a client and supplied to the manufacturer. Consigned PCB assembly creates a win-win situation for a client and manufacturer. As it offers freedom, flexibility, and versatility required for the circuit board assembly and prototyping to the client, and enables the manufacturer to assure the fastest turnaround times. At Suntronic, we specialize in consignment PCB assembly services, which allows our clients to build exclusive parts and yet remain cost-effective. Our consigned PCB assembly services are customizable and enable clients to take their products to the market quickly.

Consigned PCB Assembly Capabilities of Suntronic

We, at Suntronic, can meet the most complex requirements of consignment assembly services. The following PCB assembly capabilities that we have developed over the years make us different from our competitors.

  • We can provide single and double-sided standard leaded assemblies.
  • Our robust surface mount technology equipment allows us to meet various highly complex technology requirements such as BGA, uBGA, CSP, and small profiles down to and including 0201.
  • We can also provide boards that utilize plated through-hole components. Despite the increasing demand for surface mount boards, our experts possess immense experience in hand assembly, working to IPC 610 Class3, which is the highest standard of workmanship.
  • If your project requires boards that utilize mixed assemblies, such as surface mount and plated through hole pcb assemblies, then we can provide the same.
  • In addition to these, we can provide a wide range of special processes including Pb88, Au80, and high melting point solder or HMP. This along with selective wave soldering, conformal coating, X-ray, and flying probe testing allow us to build top-quality PCBs.
  • We also provide box build, cable, and harness assemblies to meet your application requirements.
  • We follow a detailed inventory process, which allows us to ensure the availability of required parts before the assembly.
  • All parts required for the assembly are stored in our temperature-controlled stockroom.
  • Our advanced warehousing services allow us to ensure the parts and components are available for an upcoming project.

The entire PCB assembly is performed in-house at our well-equipped facility, which allows us to assure quick turnaround times for prototyping and full volume production.

Benefits of Consigned PCB Assembly Services

Consignment PCB assembly services have gained immense popularity in recent years. We believe the following reasons have contributed to this demand. 

  • All the components and parts required for the assembly are provided by the client. This along with our quality assurance mechanisms allows clients to receive superior quality products.
  • Being a contract manufacturer, we have helped several clients meet diverse assembly and manufacturing requirements. This option suits those who may have required components and parts available, but lack manufacturing and assembly expertise.
  • Over the years, we have heavily invested in technology and people. Our automated technology lines combined with our expertise enable clients to improve their time-to-market capabilities.
  • On-time delivery and single-point customer service make us the number one stop for your consignment PCB assembly needs.

Suntronic is focused on quality and customer satisfaction since its inception. Our commitment to incorporate best practices of manufacturing and assembly has made us one of the leading consignment PCB assembly service providers in the country. If you wish to partner with a manufacturer who can help materialize your exclusive designs into an active product, then we are here. We have a team of skilled experts who will work with you closely to understand your product requirements and offer suggestions to find the best parts and components for your product. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to discuss your product designs and requirements. Else, you can request a quote and our expert engineers will get back to you.