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High Volume PCB Assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly Services

Printed Circuit Board Assembly’s are one of the essential components of diverse electronic devices. They are produced in different volumes to meet the project requirements. When they are produced in bulk with thousands of boards in one production cycle, the process is termed as high volume production. Often, high volume PCBA production follows prototyping or low volume productions and can be employed to manufacture both – standard and custom PCBAs. Prototyping is essential before a high-volume PCB assembly as it involves a large number of PCBAs, which demand accuracy and performance efficiency. At Suntronic, we provide reliable high volume PCB assembly services. Although boards are produced in bulk volumes, they are subjected to rigorous testing and inspection at each stage of manufacturing. This helps us stay true to our quality commitments. Our well-defined PCB assembly process also helps us meet the deadlines and assure competitive pricing.

Our High Volume PCB Assembly Capabilities

Having spent 27 years in the business, we understand the challenges and constantly changing demands of this electronic manufacturing and Electronic Manufacturing Services industry. Over the years, we have invested in technologies and people, which has helped us meet diverse and complex requirements within given deadlines. As a result, today, we can take up orders that may involve 10,000+ PCBAs in a single production. The following features of our high volume PCB assembly capabilities have been utilized by our clients over the years.

  • We can create PCBAs where components are mounted using through-hole and surface mount technologies. Some applications may require boards that feature both – through-hole and surface mount components and we can provide them. These boards are known as hybrid boards, and they have become a favored choice with many of our clients in recent years.
  • As a part of high volume PCB assembly, we may utilize flexible, rigid, and rigid-flex PCBs, Roger PCBs, and many more.
  • Suntronic provides both lead-free and leaded soldering options for high-volume PCB assembly. Our facility features both hand soldering and automated soldering machines, which help us effortlessly meet the requirements of different PCB assembly types.
  • All PCBAs are subjected to the following types of testing and inspection after soldering:
    • In-circuit testing (where applicable.)
    • Functional testing
    • Solder paste inspection
    • Automated optical inspection
    • X-ray inspection
  • We use high-quality laser-cut stencils for SMT production. This helps us assure the highest quality products. The stencils are made of stainless steel, which allows them withstand manufacturing challenges.
  • We have partnered with some of the best shipping companies in the regions where we operate. This helps us assure on-time deliveries.
  • We offer both – consigned and turnkey assembly services for PCBAs.
  • The turnaround times can be tailored to meet your requirements. This helps us expedite your go-to-market plan.

Benefits of High Volume PCB Assemblies

There are several benefits of high volume PCB assemblies, which have made them a popular choice for electronics OEMs of various sizes. We help our clients reap the following benefits:

  • At Suntronic, we perform high-volume production after prototyping. During prototyping, the PCB is checked for accurate functioning. This makes high-volume production easier.
  • Mass production offers immense benefits to small- and mid-sized electronics OEMs who may be planning to hit the market quicker than expected to stay ahead of the competition.
  • High volume PCB assembly allows our clients to keep the costs low as all the components and parts are sourced in bulk from our trusted supply chain partners. This allows us to ensure the best prices on bulk orders. This, in turn, helps our clients keep the product pricing low and stay ahead in the competition.
  • We use automated systems, which helps us accelerate the PCB assembly process and shorten the production time.
  • Each PCB is produced to exact specifications, and tested and inspected rigorously through all phases of manufacturing and assembly, and this allows us to assure the highest standards of accuracy.

Why Partner with Suntronic for Your High Volume PCB Assemblies

We take PCB assembly and fabrication seriously than our competitors, which has made us one of the best high-volume PCB assembly services in the US. The following are a few benefits of partnering with Suntronic for your high volume PCB assemblies.

  • Our expert engineers perform PCB prototyping. They work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and involve them in every phase of manufacturing and assembly. They help clients use advanced technologies, utilize effective parts, and minimize production times and costs.
  • All PCB assembly and manufacturing is performed in-house at any of our well-equipped expansive 10,000 square feet centers of excellence (COE) in Dallas. This allows us to stay true to our commitment to providing made in USA PCB assemblies.
  • We source all the components for the PCB assembly from trusted and certified vendors and this helps us maintain the required quality and minimize the chances of product failures.
  • With more than 150+ certified full-time employees on our payroll, we take pride in our team of specialists who have associated with us for a long time.
  • Even when high volume PCB assemblies are involved, we involve the same team of specialists who handle prototyping and small-volume PCB assemblies. The entire workflow through the organization from component procurement and supply to fabrication to testing and quality assurance is maintained to assure the best outcomes.
  • We assemble PCBs for our clients in the oil and gas, industrial controls, communications and infrastructure verticals.
  • Suntronic provides excellent engineering and technical support, DFT, DFM, and DFX. We also provide post-sales support, which has helped us build long and lasting business relationships with our clients.
  • Our expertise in the high mix and mission-critical environments drives success for our customers across industries.

If you are looking for a reliable high-volume PCB assembly service provider, you can get in touch with our team today. You can leave your message regarding high-volume PCB manufacturing and assembly by visiting this contact us page. Our team members will get in touch within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.