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Repair and Refurbishment

Repair and Refurbishment

The printed circuit boards form the basis of several electronic devices and they contribute to the functioning of these devices. These components are used to connect and synchronize all elements of the machine. In case of malfunction or failure, there can be severe issues. Circuit boards, although designed for long-term performance, may fail due to various reasons. Identifying and rectifying these underlying causes require expertise and experience. Suntronic offers PCB repairs and remanufacturing services to its industrial clients. We have invested in PCB testing and repair fixtures, which allow us to help our clients optimize the value of their PCB investments. Fast turnaround times and competitive prices make us a popular PCB refurbishment and repairs services in the country.

PCB Remanufacturing and Repair Capabilities of Suntronic

We offer a wide range of PCB remanufacturing and repair services. The following are the highlights of our services.
  • BGA Pad Repair: BGA pads may damage due to various reasons such as improper part removal during cleaning, or mishandling during transportation. Damaged BGA pads impair the functioning of PCB. We can effectively handle most issues related to damaged BGA pads.

  • SMT Pad Repair: We can provide standard SMT pad repair and BGA pad repair. Generally, standard pads suffer due to component damage in the area. While remodeling these pads, our experts gently remove the defective component, clean the area, and replace it with the most appropriate replacement pad.

    Buried vias are most commonly used in intricate PCBs to connect two or more inner and outer layers. They are an integral part of many densely populated PCBs. These vias are drilled deep into the boards and it requires expertise and experience. The holes drilled must be of appropriate size, as too deep or too shallow can impact the SM pads used to cover these vias. We can remove these damaged boards and analyze via effectiveness.

  • Gold Finger Repair: Gold fingers are located on the periphery of the printed circuit board and the contact in this area may get damaged due to wave soldering or other reasons. In most cases, users discard such boards; however, our experts will help retain these boards by replacing the damaged or contaminated contacts.

  • Traces Repair: Traces on the printed circuit board may get damaged due to improper handling or part removal. These broken traces can impair the current carrying capabilities of the board, thereby leading to its malfunctioning or breakdown. Our experience in building, remanufacturing, and repairing various trace styles allows us to facilitate quick turnarounds on repair and replacement.

  • Solder Mask Repair: Solder masks protect the PCBs in many ways, thus, are important for most PCBs. However, they do not add to the performance of the PCBs, and damaged solder masks may not have any direct impact on the PCB, but may impair their appearance. Solder masks usually get damaged during cleaning or due to improper handling during different stages of usage. Poor quality solder mask is another leading cause of solder mask damage. Our team can easily replace or touch up this solder mask. They will help improve the appearance of your PCB.

  • Through Holes: Eyelets and plated through-holes are important for the functioning of the board. Like most other components referred here, the eyelets and through-hole components may be damaged due to improper handling. As a part of PCB remanufacturing, we can replace them with new eyelets and bring them back to life.

  • Edges: PCB edges and corners are often carefully designed to withstand abuse. However, they may get damaged due to improper handling during the use or transportation. These damaged edges may affect other components in the area. We can conduct in-depth repairs to fix this problem.

  • Populated PCB Repair: Highly dense PCBs are in trend and they comprise several delicate components. These PCBs may fail to perform due to any of the aforementioned reasons. Our experts always conduct in-depth analysis and take appropriate measures to rectify one or multiple issues that may be affecting the performance of populated PCBs.

Why Choose Suntronic for Your PCB Remanufacturing and Repair

Suntronic is a popular choice for PCB remanufacturing or PCB repair for several years now. We offer a complete range of integrated repair services for everything right from component-level electronics to extremely complex electromechanical assemblies. We believe the following factors have contributed to our growth as the most in-demand PCB repair and remanufacturing service in the US.

  • We can provide customized solutions for all types of repair services, irrespective of whether the repair is covered under warranty or not.
  • All repairs and refurbishments are performed by our experts with vast experience in diagnosing and repairing errors of most types. They can make repairs on the board.
  • The repaired PCBs are thoroughly checked, cleaned, and repackaged depending on the requirement.
  • We provide reverse logistics support, which is offered by very few PCB repair services. As a part of reverse logistics support, our team can collect damaged or repairable PCBs and transport them to our facilities in Texas located at Houston and Richardson; or at Lone Tree in Colorado.

At Suntronic, our sole focus is providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for all types of repair problems. Our team comprises experts who specialize in repair and refurbishment services and they will help you optimize the performance of your existing product while focusing on growing business. Feel free to get in touch with our team today with your specific PCB repairs and remanufacturing requirements and reverse logistics support. We would be happy to answer your queries and assist you in the right decision making.