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Defense and Military

PCBs for the Defense and Military Industry

The military industry uses various types of electronic devices to send and receive encrypted signals, save lives of people in war-torn areas, monitor surveillance systems, and so on. These devices are operated in challenging work environments where OEMs cannot afford any lapses. At Suntronic, we provide PCB solutions for the military industry and possess the experience and expertise to meet the stringent demands of the military industry.

Our PCBA Capabilities for the Military and Defense Industry

We are passionate about PCB assembly and fabrication technologies. As a result, we have made some significant investments in technology and resources. The following capabilities that we have acquired allow us to materialize military grade PCB assemblies effectively.

  • Materials: We work with various materials, including polyimide, Arlon, FR4, Rogers 3010, 4350, and 3010 series. These materials are proven to withstand high temperature and pressure environments. Our team comprises many material experts who know the specific properties of these materials. They have been utilizing these properties to build rugged PCB solutions for military industry.
  • Copper Weights: We can assemble PCBs with extreme and heavy copper weights.
  • Surface Finishes: Oxidation and corrosion have been concerns for manufacturers in the defense industry. Considering this, we always ensure to use surface finishes that can protect PCBs from oxidation and corrosion. We regularly work with different types of surface finishes, including electroless nickel/gold (ENIG), hot air solder leveled (HASL), immersion silver, organic solderability preservative (OSP), and so on.
  • Types of PCBs: We can provide flex, rigid-flex, and rigid PCBs in single- and double-sided configurations. Our experts are familiar with some common rigid PCB base materials such as flame-resistant substrate, epoxy resin, woven E-glass, etc.
  • PCB Layers: Many military and defense applications require dense circuits. We can assemble a single layer, double layer, and multilayer circuits depending on your requirement. Multilayer circuits have been an integral part of several complex electronic devices used in the defense industry.
  • Processing Capabilities: We have met the complex design requirements of our clients all these years. The processing capabilities that we have developed over the years help us meet these effortlessly
  • Mounting Technologies: Our experts perform surface mounting and through-hole mounting – to mount different components on the printed circuit boards. Unlike other electronics, we generally prefer through-hole mounting to ensure high durability of these boards. This mounting technique helps establish strong bonds between different components on the board.
  • Testing: We employ the following types of testing to ensure the quality of the PCB assemblies.
    • Functional Testing: We can conduct functional testing in various ways depending on the type of PCB assembly. These tests help us analyze the powering capability of the assembly.
    • X-ray Inspection: PCB assemblies are checked for defects such as weak solder connections, internal traces, barrels, and so on.

Why Choose Suntronic’s PCB Assembly Solutions for the Defense Industry

The military and defense electronic applications demand a high level of precision and reliability, which is not met by regular PCB assemblies. These assemblies are used in high temperature and low-earth orbit (LoE) environments. Thus, PCBs are constructed using special elements, which can withstand these extremities. In addition to this, we take care of the following aspects.

  • Our printed circuit board assemblies meet IPC-A-610E class 3 standards and MIL standards. The MIL standards cover the following:
    • Test methods
    • Standard practices
    • Manufacturing processes
    • Design criteria
    • Interfaces

Thus, all PCB assemblies for the defense industry are assembled keeping these standards in mind.


  • The military-grade PCB assemblies provided by us meet the minimum tolerance requirements of 1-2%. This value is much less than commercial grade electronics with 10-15% tolerance. Generally, these tolerance values are difficult to achieve. Our engineering expertise and our technology investments enable us to easily meet this requirement.
  • The printed circuit boards used in assemblies must withstand the maximum current load. We ensure to use the ones that meet this criterion.
  • We incorporate thermal compounds that are proven for heat dissipation when operated in challenging environments. Also, before the PCB assembly, our experts verify the thermal profiles of reflow and wave soldering. This helps minimize the component damage during the PCB assembly.
  • Our strict adherence to best practices and industry standards has helped us build strong and durable military PCB assemblies with a guaranteed 10-15 years lifespan.
  • The printed circuit board assemblies provided by us are assembled using stringent and specific layout techniques as specified by our clients.

Why Partner with Suntronic for Your PCB Assembly Solutions for the Defense Industry

Military PCB assemblies are not regular and require more than just engineering expertise or market experience. This is where we stand out. We believe the following factors have worked in our favor over the years.

  • We take care to source all the materials from trusted suppliers who exclusively provide military-grade components and parts.
  • Quality is the commitment that drives us to outstretch our limits and serve clients better each time. Military PCB assembly is a streamlined process involving multiple design correction stages. We patiently put up with clients during those phases.
  • We are a complete electronic contract manufacturer or ECM and do not outsource any part of the assembly to third-party service companies. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of manufacturability.
  • We have invested in high-quality software programs for PCB assembly. This helps us make quick modifications as required by the clients.

Applications of Military-grade PCB Assembly Solutions

We regularly provide military-grade PCB assembly solutions for the following applications:

  • Military robotic systems
  • Command and control systems
  • Ruggedized computers
  • Defense communication and navigation systems
  • Cyber counterintelligence systems
  • LED lighting systems in base camps
  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Jamming systems
  • Control tower systems
  • Base camp protection and security applications

Partnering with a regular PCB assembly services provider is not the right choice for military-grade PCB assembly solutions. It requires more than just engineering expertise to assemble these PCBs. Our experts always pay attention to detail and work closely with clients to understand their requirements and concerns about existing assemblies. Our in-depth understanding of various operational environments in the military and defense sector and the implementation of industry best practices assure quality and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to if you have any queries on PCB solutions for military industry, and our team will respond with the custom quote based on your needs.