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Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics manufacturing services providers (EMS) are companies which design, manufacture, test, assemble, and repair a variety of electronic components used in various devices. These companies, also known as contract manufacturers, offer services to OEMs in terms of designing and manufacturing services they require, and even repair and maintenance. Suntronic Inc. is a full service contract manufacturer and service provider offering end-to-end solutions. We offer electronics manufacturing consulting and customized solutions to suit your requirements. These services add value to the final product.

An Overview of Electronics Manufacturing Services Offered by Suntronic, Inc.

The following are electronics manufacturing services (EMS) offered by Suntronic, Inc.

  • Product Development: This includes the development of cost effective but highly efficient solutions applicable across industries, such as cable and wire harness assemblies, circuit boards, and other interconnect solutions.
  • Rapid Prototyping and NPI: We have dedicated facilities for rapid and discrete prototyping. Using 3D CAD, we can develop parts or component models through additive manufacturing. This helps increase the efficiency, production volumes, and time to market of our clients. We work closely with OEMs to refine designs, validate functionality, and prepare for mass production.
  • PCB Assembly: We offer end-to-end PCB assembly services from manufacturing to testing stages and everything in between such as soldering, pcb conformal coating, component mounting, and more. We assemble electronic components on PCBs with the help of surface mount technology (SMT) or through-hole technology (THT). offer various PCB assembly types such as surface mount, ball grid array, micro BGA, and chip scale packaging.
  • Box Build and Integrations: These are electromechanical setups we develop to connect different devices and industrial equipment to the same digitally operated setup. Suntronic offers box build assembly and system integration services which comprise interconnects of several PCB assemblies and devices. We fabricate these based on client requirements which may include switches integration wire harnesses, cable connections, and more. It may also include mechanical assembly, such as attaching displays, buttons, and other external features.
  • PCB Testing Services: We follow through testing and inspection processes to check the structure and functioning of PCBs. The durability aspect is also tested. This is done through visual as well as automated inspection techniques.
  • Supply Chain Management: EMS providers often handle the procurement and management of electronic components and raw materials required for manufacturing. They establish relationships with suppliers and optimize the supply chain to ensure timely delivery and cost-effective sourcing
  • Repair and Refurbishment: Repair and maintenance is one of the important aspects of our services. Analyzing and fixing bugs is very much a part of our job. We are experts at repair and refurbishment of all electronics. After repair, we test them thoroughly, clean, and repackage these goods at board level. Even if there are no major repairs, maintenance and support remains a part of our service, and this helps us stay connected to our clients and find out if our solutions are running smoothly.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

When partnering with a full service electronic manufacturing services provider like us, here is how you would benefit.

  • A full service EMS provider like us offers everything from quick-turn 24hr prototype and pilot-run to full production printed circuit board assemblies and from complex system level assembly integration to testing and inspection, cable & wire harness assembly, and box build.
  • We offer support and value addition in manufacturing, supply chain management, testing, repair, maintenance, and so on for diverse OEMs across industries.
  • We have the experience and expertise in successfully meeting the requirements for mission critical applications.
  • We are reliable partners in terms of on-time deliveries, quality, flexibility, and customer service, which is crucial for a full service EMS.
  • In any business, future plans and expansion possibilities need to be considered before offering solutions related to electronics and technology. We help you be future ready in terms of capabilities.
  • We constantly strive to bring in further improvements, technological advancements, and innovation in our processes, thanks to the engineering skills of our team.
  • We have worked with clients from diverse industries ranging from automotive, engineering, and medical to wearable electronics and aerospace.

With over 27 years of experience and fully equipped facilities, we can easily cater to the most complex requirements in terms of manufacturing. We offer simplified solutions and are experts in customization which enables our clients to enhance time-to-market of their products. We offer electronics manufacturing services in Dallas and Houston through our state-of-the-art facilities in both these locations. If you require full service electronics manufacturing services in Houston or Dallas, you can visit out facilities in these places. In case of other locations or any questions you may have, we are always available on phone or email.