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PCB Assembly Services

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Printed circuit board assembly services are one of the most popular services in different industries. Since modern electronics has become a crucial part of almost every industry, the printed circuit boards are one of the main resources in industrial electromechanical setups. Different applications require PCBs in different specifications. The need for customization of PCBs is well-acknowledged by Suntronic. Thus, we offer electronic assembly services. We provide a complete range of printed circuit board assembly services including prototyping, and assembly services customized based on customers’ requirements.

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Process Followed at Suntronic

As one of the leading PCB assembly manufacturers, Suntronic follows a thorough process to produce high-quality and performance-driven assembled PCBs. Under Suntronic’s PCB assembly services, we follow the following steps.

  • Material and Component Procurement: After seeking client approval, our team chooses high-quality material and components procurement. This step helps us ensure the availability of quality components before the start of the assembly process. High-quality materials help us assure performance-centric electronic assembly services.
  • Solder Paste Application/ Stenciling: In this step, the actual PCB fabrication process begins. No matter what type of PCB is being fabricated, stenciling remains the primary step. In this step, we apply a stencil to the board. This is then followed by the application of solder paste. This ensures that the solder paste is applied only where the components are to be mounted.
  • Component Mounting: We opt for pick and place component mounting operation under conventionally-led surface mount technology. In the automated PCB fabrication, we adopt pick and place component mounting by using robotic arms. This helps in rapid component mounting and reduces the chances for human errors. Our advanced automated component mounting capabilities allow us to satisfy complex PCB assembly requirements such as BGA, UBGA, CSP, etc. Automation of component mounting applications reduces the duration of the production cycle and enhances the efficiency of our electronic assembly services.
  • Soldering: All mounted components are fixed in place using selective wave soldering. In this process, a solder material or filler material like lead/tin is filled at the joining points of components followed by furnace heating and natural cooling. This fixes the component at the mounted location. We also offer lead-free soldering.
  • Conformal Coating: The PCBs are secured using a suitable conformal coating material. This helps protect the copper on PCBs from oxidation.
  • Inspection and Testing: Inspection and testing is the post-production step we adopt at Suntronic. Being one of the most quality-centric PCB assembly manufacturers, we are focused on the quality and performance of our custom PCB manufacturing services. Therefore, we go for inspection and testing methods as follows.
  • Functional Testing
  • Durability Testing
  • Visual and Advanced Inspection

Note: All the above-mentioned steps are part of the standard procedure we follow under our PCB assembly services, however, the production parameters may vary based on customization requirements.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Suntronic’s Printed circuit board assembly services are highly appreciated by our clients due to certain capabilities we possess. The following capabilities of Suntronic make us a highly reputed PCB assembly manufacturer.

  • PCB Assembly Type: Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Ball Grid Array (BGA), uBGA/Micro BGA, Chip-Scale Packaging (CSP)
  • Soldering Techniques: Selective wave soldering, High Melting Point (HMP) soldering, Pb88 Soldering, and Au80 Soldering
  • Solder Type: Lead-solder, Tin-solder, Lead-free solder/RoHS-compliant
  • Testing and Inspection: Microscopic Inspection, Flying probe test (FPT), Automated Optical Inspection, X-ray Inspection
PCB Assembly Services Chart
Single and double sided SMT/PTH
Large parts on both sides, BGA on both sides
Assembly surface mount connectors
Passives, smallest size 0201
Fine pitch to .05mm
Leadless chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA,  FPGA & DFN
Connectors and Terminals
Component packaging
Cut Tape
Loose parts
Odd form parts
Yes (Assembly by hands)
Resistor and Capacitor Networks
Electrolytic Capacitors
Variable Resistors and Capacitors (pots)
Wave Soldering
PCB Finish
Electrolytic Gold
Electroless Gold
Electroless Silver
Immersion Gold
Immersion Tin
PCB Shape
Any max size 509mm x 430mm
Board type
Panelized PCB
Tab Routed
Breakaway Tabs
Routed+ V scored
X-ray analysis
Microscope to 20X
BGA removal and replacement station
SMT IR rework station
Thru-hole rework station
Solder Type
Leaded and Lead-Free
Water soluble solder paste and No Clean solder paste
“Manual soldering for special parts, e.g. wires and temperature sensitive parts.”
Design file format
Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG
BOM (Bill of Materials)
Pick and Place file (XYRS)

Beneficial Features of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

PCB assemblies are crucial for electronic device manufacturing, offering a range of benefits that contribute to their increasing demand:

  1. Compact and Space-Efficient: PCBs utilize copper tracks instead of wires, which results in lightweight and compact designs. The absence of bulky interconnections allows for smaller-sized electronic devices.
  2. Time Efficiency: As compared to traditional methods of electronics manufacturing, PCB assembly requires less time to place components on a circuit board. The PCB assembly process is streamlined in such a way that it leads to efficient assembly operations and reduced time consumption.
  3. Cost Efficient Mass Production: Cost is a crucial factor which needs to be considered in electronic device manufacturing. The well-designed and thoroughly tested circuit boards enable cost-effective mass production and optimizes manufacturing expenses.
  4. Ease of Troubleshooting and Repair: PCBs facilitate easy identification of faulty or damaged components. This simplifies the repair or replacement process, reducing downtime and enhancing overall maintenance efficiency.
  5. Enhanced Electrical Performance: PCBs provide specific and exact electrical pathways which minimizes signal loss and interference. This improves overall electrical performance. This is crucial for high-frequency and high-speed applications where accurate signal transmission is essential.

Partner with Us

Suntronic specializes in quality custom PCB assembly services. Our commitment to delivering innovative electronic assembly services at quick turnaround times without compromising the quality makes us one of the most-reputed PCB assembly manufacturers in the US. If you are willing to partner with us for your custom PCB requirements, please feel free to contact us at the earliest. Our experts would be happy to help you.