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Supply Chain Management

PCBA Supply Chain Management

PCBAs now are an important part of many devices, and their quality and functioning is crucial to the accurate operation of the product it is embedded in. Supplying PCB assemblies to the OEM where it needs to be installed, involves many entities, specialized packaging, and the right supplier selection. All these and other aspects make electronics manufacturing supply chain a specialized segment of overall supply chain management of various goods and components. However, preparing the required infrastructure and network to set up an electronics supply chain involves addressing certain challenges and different dynamics than standard products. Suntronic Inc. is a full service contract manufacturer and offers end-to-end supply chain solutions. We do not work with third party electronics manufacturing supply chain service providers, and have a very strong vendor network for material procurement. This benefits our clients in many ways including costing.

An Overview of PCBA Supply Chain Management Offered by Suntronic, Inc.

It is because of our strong network of vendors and part suppliers; we have been able to build our own electronics manufacturing supply chain network. This reduces time and cost for our clients, and we can offer them the best suitable parts and components from our suppliers on an almost immediate basis. All these aspects have enhanced our business relationship with our vendors. This helps us to update ourselves in terms of pricing trends, and get the best prices too. When giving supply chain services, we, as an electronics manufacturer, are thorough with the manufacturing as well as testing processes. This offers us an edge over our competitors, and we know the complexities involved in transit. This helps us decide the suitability of components and which supplier can deliver accordingly.

We have a dedicated team who performs supply chain analysis which gives us an idea of the current trends and future estimations. This helps us with risk mitigation wherever required and strategic decision making. Unlike liaising with too many third party companies, we manage every aspect of the PCBA supply chain from part procurement, manufacturing and related aspects, packaging, storage, logistics, security, and so on.

Supply Chain Solutions We Offer

Supply chain management encompasses several stages right from safe storage of a manufactured PCB or assembly to packaging, shipping, invoicing, and so on. Also, it covers stages both before and after manufacturing, such as part procurement and BoM before manufacturing and invoicing and transport and aftersales post manufacturing. We cater to each of these aspects. Here are the supply chain aspects we cover.

  • Consigned and Turn-Key PCB Assembly: We offer both consigned and turnkey PCB assembly services. In consigned services, you can supply us some components and parts, and we can procure the rest for you. On the other hand, turnkey solutions comprise end-to-end services. Once the client requirements are clear, we implement the most effective supply chain processes, especially in consignment PCB assembly.
  • Inventory Management: This is an integral part of supply chain management. Safe and orderly storage of the most needed parts followed by the less needed ones is important in any warehousing and storage unit. Proper inventory management saves time and costs incurring from due to delays as well as part damages. Additionally, some components mounted on PCBs as well as wires are extremely delicate and need to be stored and handled carefully. While we do have a good inventory of various commonly required PCB materials and components, we follow stringent procedures in terms of inventory protocols which safeguards them from damages and helps find them on time when required.
  • Sourcing Rare and Custom Components: Our excellent vendor network helps us achieve exclusive and rare parts and components within a stipulated timeframe. Most of our clients seek custom PCB assembly, and our experience in the same as well as quick component procurement helps us achieve accurate results for all our custom PCB assemblies.
  • Part Substitution Suggestions: We suggest part substitution in mainly two scenarios- first is when the mentioned part is out of stock and there is a substitute part which exactly matches its configuration. Second, when our team finds another part more appropriate than the one mentioned in BoM. When doing this, all the factors, such as part configuration, fitment, cost, market estimation, and so on, are taken into consideration. This also may be suggested in case the exact substitute part is already available in our inventory and need not be procured. In case, the part is not available, the supplier may recommend an alternate one. So, the part suggestion may be driven by the PCB manufacturer or part supplier. Here, the client may choose to buy or reject the part. This is, however, finalized only if and after the client approves the recommended part.
  • Checking of Incoming and Outbound Parts: We are very particular about quality and hence perform stringent checks of all the inbound parts before they are stocked in our inventory. Also, as a procedure, it is important to check the source, manufacturer, part number, description and other specifications of that part or component. We ensure the parts are present as per BoM and they are functioning as required. The same process is followed for outbound parts, boards, or assemblies, and we ensure they are not shipped before the required quality checks are performed.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM): This is an essential component in manufacturing as well as supply chain. BoM gives clarity on specific parts along with the part number, manufacturer name, quantity, pricing, and so on. Also, based on this, we can gather correct requirements for the client and offer them an estimated pricing in 48-72 hours.

Benefits of Partnering with Us as Your Electronics Supply Chain Partner

Our clients can earn several benefits by partnering a full service electronics manufacturing services provider who also offers PCBA supply chain solutions. Here are some of them.

  • It is essential that all the components and interconnects of a circuit board remain intact when in transit, and as a full service EMS provider we know the probable issues and the solutions too. 
  • We offer end-to-end solutions which include prototypes, pilot runs, full production printed circuit board assemblies, cable & wire harness assembly, box build, system level assembly integration, testing, and safe deliveries of PCBAs and related electronics.
  • We offer support in terms of procuring the best parts and selecting the right materials based on your requirement.
  • We follow LEAN practices for testing as well as process control, supplier evaluation, and so on.
  • We are known for our quality, custom service, and on-time deliveries.
  • Based on the research and analysis by our dedicated supply chain team, we bring in the required improvements and technological advancements.
  • We have worked with clients from diverse industries ranging from automotive, engineering, and medical to wearable electronics and aerospace. This has enabled us to develop an understanding of how supply chain requirements vary in terms of the criticality of the application.

Electronics supply chain is definitely more complex than standard products, and PCBAs are complex commodities. However, with more than 27 years of experience, advanced facilities, and a robust vendor network, we can easily cater to the complexities involved in the supply chain process. We have well equipped facilities in Dallas and Houston. If you require full service electronics manufacturing services along with supply chain and delivery, you can contact us via phone or email, or visit our facilities.