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Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

PCBs or printed circuit boards are used in almost all devices. PCBA or PCB assembly is the process, wherein components are mounted on the board and the circuits are made fully functional. Surface mount PCB assembly refers to surface mount technology used for the mounting process. Suntronic Inc. offers surface mount PCB assembly services and we’ve catered to the most complex types of PCBs and the number of components. Also, for the last 25 years, we’ve worked with clients from diverse sectors. Over the years, this has enabled us to develop expertise in SMT PCB assembly.

An Overview of Surface Mount PCB Assembly Services Offered by Suntronic, Inc.

SMT assembly is more widely used than any other component mounting process such as thru-hole assembly. This is primarily because this method offers accurate output and it offers many benefits. With this method, components can be directly mounted onto the board. Surface mount PCBAs are widely used in applications with high-speed circuits. These include consumer electronic appliances, exercise equipment, industrial controls, phones, hand held radios, medical devices, monitoring and sensing devices, computers, power electronics and more. In this method, the mounting of components is done directly onto the board, and this helps keep the board size compact and its weight lighter. Compact and lightweight boards are much in demand and are used in many miniature yet complex devices. Also, our process is largely automated and has features such as autocorrecting the component alignment if required as well as placing the components close to each other on a compact board. At Suntronic we perform the SMT assembly process in a few steps. This process comprises printing of the solder paste, direct mounting of components, reflow, and testing using AOI and other techniques.

Our Capabilities Regarding PCB Assembly Services

First, our SMT assembly process is automated and hence time saving. It is also cost saving in the long run as it reduces the labor costs as well as the number of materials used.

  • We assemble single as well as double sided SMT PCBs of various types such as BGAs, package-on-package, UBGA, quad flat package, CSPs, and small passives down to including 0201.
  • We use reliable boards of superior quality, mostly flex or rigid-flex boards made of aluminum or FR4, and production ready components which enable us to offer quick turnaround times.
  • We comply with strict quality guidelines such as ISO 9001:2015 and hence perform stringent testing and inspection at each stage of manufacturing and component mounting. These include AOI, functional testing, x-ray testing, and in-circuit testing.
  • We perform this automated process at our well-equipped facility which reduces the chances of errors.

Benefits of Partnering with Us for Your SMT PCB Assembly Requirements

There are many benefits of choosing us as your PCB assembly services partner, especially for SMT assembly services. Here are some of them.

  • SMT PCB assembly is highly reliable and consistent, and offers accurate output, thus improving the quality and efficiency of the product.
  • This process is performed entirely at our well-equipped SMT workshop that feature multiple identically configured lines, and equipment feeders for offline setups
  • After a thorough discussion with the client and once the design is approved, the boards are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility and advanced fabrication machines.
  • For PCB assembly, the process is completely automated. However, we also offer manual welding for prototypes or low volume orders if required.
  • Volume is not an issue for us as we take all orders from prototypes to high volume batch runs.
  • For SMT PCB assembly, all you need to do is give us your Gerber files, BOM, and the documentation approved related to component placement.
  • We offer turnkey services for all our SMT orders.
  • We have an experienced and qualified team of engineers who are experts in PCB manufacturing, component mounting, as well as prototyping.
  • Our equipment strategy is developed to meet the changing customer needs.

Over the last few years, we, at Suntronic, have been using SMT assembly for most requirements across industries, and this has benefitted our clients in terms of increased efficiency and reliability of the product. We have helped many of our clients reduce their overall product cost as well as time-to-market by using this surface mounting method. We’ve been reliable partners of all our clients for their PCB assembly requirements. If you have any questions regarding our SMT process, we have experienced team to answer all of them. You can share your requirements with us and we can offer you a quick quote as well. For any relevant enquiries, you can reach us via phone or email. We will be happy to help you.