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Low Pressure Injection over Molding

Low Pressure Injection over Molding

Low pressure injection molding is the process of filling the cavities with encapsulating material. The material is injected at very low pressure inside the cavities to fill the gap. This process is widely preferred during PCB over molding services, PCB conformal coating services, etc. Commonly, this process is adopted by the contract PCB manufacturers or electronic manufacturers to secure various electronic components. Suntronic offers low pressure injection molding and potting services as a part of their PCB assembly services or as value-added services for cable and harness manufacturing, prototyping, etc. The experts at the company work closely with customers to understand their requirements before suggesting optimal injection over molding solutions.

Low Pressure Injection Molding Process Followed at Suntronic

Low pressure injection molding is a single-step process of filling the vacant cavities with molten polyamide or polyolefin materials. However, the process of low pressure injection molding requires a few preparatory measures. Here are the steps we follow at Suntronic for low pressure molding services.

  1. Surface Preparation: Surface preparation is essential before low pressure molding because this process can be a part of PCB conformal coating services. The surface of the PCB must be clean and polished for the coating material to be deposited properly. We prepare the surface by ensuring the cavities on PCBs or cable harness assemblies are free of dust, dirt, etc.
  2. Encapsulation Material Preparation: We often use low pressure molding as an option for conventional potting, PCB conformal coating, etc. Therefore, we prepare the encapsulation material accordingly. The mold material preparation involves heating the thermoplastic polyamides to liquefy them. We can use various encapsulation materials at various temperatures for low pressure molding.
  3. Low Pressure Molding: The molten encapsulation material is injected inside the cavity by application of mild pressure between the ranges of 50 to 200 psi pressure. The material can be layered over the surface by using the same technique. We ensure that the application of pressure is gentle enough to avoid damage to sensitive electronic components.
  4. Cooling: The filled encapsulation material is left to cool and settle.

At Suntronic, we can offer low pressure injection molding for PCB conformal coating services, PCB over molding, and potting services.

Benefits of Low Pressure Molding

Owing to the following benefits of low pressure molding, we offer this service as an option to conventional potting and PCB conformal coating services.

  • Safe for Electronics: Low pressure molding is absolutely safe for sensitive electronic elements used in PCBs and cable or wire harness assemblies. It does not cause any thermal damage or impact damage to electronic components.
  • Zero Scrap Method: Often the low pressure molding is done using polyamides and polyolefin materials which are 100% recyclable. This certainly makes the method scrap-free and environment-friendly.
  • Protects from Vibrations and Shocks: It is used to fill the cavities around electronic components on PCBs, and cables or harnesses. The encapsulation materials create shock absorption surfaces. This protects the electronic components against external impacts, shocks, and vibrations.
  • Waterproofing: This technique can be used for waterproofing electronic systems. This technique is suitable for protecting the PCBs against corrosion, and exposure to moisture.

Partner with Suntronic Inc., a Leading Electronics Contract Manufacturer

Suntronic offers IPC 610 Class 3 certified low pressure injection molding and potting services. We offer potting and encapsulation services for waterproofing, protection against thermal exposure, chemical resistance, prevention against shocks and vibrations, etc. If you are looking for low pressure molding services, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to serve you.