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Electronics Contract Manufacturer

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Service

Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) refers to a broad range of electronic manufacturing services. These services are often sought by electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as a replacement for their company-owned manufacturing operations or as a supplement for their existing operations. Over the years, Suntronic has built an outstanding track record as an industry-leading electronics contract manufacturer. We have had opportunities to serve clients from a wide range of industries. Quick turnaround times and competitive prices make us your ideal partner for low to medium-volume electronic manufacturing services in the US. We serve clients through our facilities in Houston and Richardson, Texas and Lone Tree in Colorado. We can easily accommodate any standard and customized electronic contract manufacturing service requests. 

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services by Suntronic

As an electronics contract manufacturer, we specialize in a wide range of electronics manufacturing services.

  • PCB Layout: We offer reviews for Design for Testing (DFT). Our experts can perform the entire PCB layout including footprint creation, placement, power DC drop simulation, routing, Gerber generation, and so on.
  • PCB Fabrication: This is an area that requires careful planning and involves several steps. Our experts focus on different aspects of PCB fabrication including calculation of impedance values, selection of materials for rigid, rigid-flex, and flex printed circuit boards, choice of surface finishes, and so on.
  • Surface Mount and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA): As a complete PCBA services provider, we can perform everything right from PCB prototyping to production. Whether it is high mix low volumes that range from a few units to prototypes or modest pre-production quantities to high production volumes, we employ advanced SMT lines to meet deadlines and assure quality. Our SMT assembly operations can accommodate a wide range of complex technology requirements including UBGA, BGA, CSP, and small passives down to and including 0201. 
  • New Product Introduction (NPI): Our NPI services are designed to help clients speed up their time-to-market capabilities. With vast engineering expertise to their credit, our experts address all the problems in different phases by performing rigorous reviews to ensure they do not lead translate to big problems during manufacturing. Our team receives product designs, follows the DFM technique, and coordinates with engineering, materials, and production teams at every step of the process to assure outstanding results.
  • Box/System Assembly: As a contract electronics manufacturer, we provide a complete range of electrical and mechanical box build assembly services that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Whether it is a simple design involving the integration of a PCB into an enclosure or a building a well-equipped front panel assembly with full harnesses, connectors, fuses or switches, we can provide both.
  • Cable Assembly: This is one of the key features of our electronic manufacturing services. We provide customers a wide range of cost effective, high performance cable assemblies, interconnect solutions, and wire harnesses.
  • BGA Rework: BGA rework is one of the most challenging processes, so only a few contract electronics manufacturers offer it. At Suntronic, we assure reliable and quick-turnaround BGA rework services. We can work on any type of land grid array packages or sockets including CBGA, PBGA, CCGA, IBM Hyper-BGA, High I/O FCBGA, m-SMD, and LGA packages, as well as perform CSP rework, removal and replacement.
  • Inspection and Testing: We help clients meet the requirements of rigorous product testing and inspection through a wide range of services including automated optical inspection (AOI), in-circuit test (ICT), flying probe testing, and X-ray testing.  
  • Engineering Support: Our engineers support clients through the design phase and a  comprehensive report is shared with the client. The report features suggestions on PCB layout, component package, testing, and pcb assembly processes. In addition to this, our experts also appraise clients on functional or process problems that may be incurred during fabrication, as well as offer process improvement and cost-saving suggestions. Our engineering support services help clients build high-quality products at affordable costs.

Benefits of Choosing Suntronic as Your Electronics Contract Manufacturer

There are several electronics manufacturing services offering services similar to ours. We believe the impact that we have made through our services makes us different. The following features of our services have been widely appreciated by our clients.

  • Quick Turnaround Times: As a contract electronics manufacturer with vast experience, we heavily depend on in-depth design reviews, which are conducted during and after prototype building. This helps us minimize errors, maximize accuracy, and expedite design and assembly times.
  • Responsiveness: We are known for our quick response times. Our experts will prioritize your request before anything else. They will work with you to understand your requirements and address the challenges involved in different phases of manufacturing. Based on your requirements, they will provide you responsive service to meet your requirements and deadlines.
  • Quality: This has been one of the key features of our electronics manufacturing services. We understand the losses an inferior component can bring to the OEM. This is why we manufacture, and assemble all the components with utmost care. Our facilities are equipped with prototyping SMT lines, as well as process verification equipment. Both these help us assure the highest quality standards.  
  • Flexibility: Being a contract electronics manufacturer, we can undertake turnkey or consignment requests. We procure bulk inventory for product development. This allows us assure the competitive prices on most bulk orders.  

We believe in serving you beyond your expectations. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to discuss your manufacturing requirements. We would be happy to serve you.