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Years of Business

Our History

When you walk through the doors of Suntronic, you will be welcomed with open arms and treated like family. That is because Suntronic is a family-owned business. Founded by John Ly, our Chief Executive & President, and passed on to his children to manage with the same entrepreneurial spirit as their father. 

John, a first-generation Vietnamese-American, sought refuge in the United States in 1979 to build a new life for his family after the fall of South Vietnam. He had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and worked hard to save up for his own business.

The hardships stemming from starting a new life in a different country were daunting for John. Still, these obstacles that instilled in him never-ending perseverance and determination to make his dreams a reality. Through the years, John had a hand in many start-up projects until he saw a great opportunity to build a legacy in electronics manufacturing. Over the past 27 years, Suntronic Incorporated has grown from a 3,000 square foot mom-and-pop operation to one of the largest privately-held electronic manufacturing companies in Texas. Its facilities now span 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capabilities.

Today, Suntronic is a thriving company at the cutting edge of its industry in facilities, operations, and knowledge. The company’s continued growth is all accredited to the foundation of family and building partnerships, which John founded Suntronic upon 27 years ago.

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A History of Building Partnerships

John Ly, Suntronic's Founder and President, comes to Houston, Texas with little to his name, but big dreams to provide a bright future for his family. He faces struggles in lack of capital and a significant language barrier. Still, his drive to succeed and hopes of one day giving back strengthens his resolve to continue building a great business.
After two years of hard work and perseverance, John expands his 3,000 square foot mom-and-pop electronics manufacturing shop into a 5,000 square foot space to better serve Suntronic's customers.
John enters a brand new 15,000 square foot facility. Suntronic now manufactures electronics for the oil & gas, industrial controls, and seismic exploration industries, solidifying its position as a leading Houston provider in electronic manufacturing services.
A major year of scale for Suntronic, the company acquires an additional 10,000 square foot of manufacturing space and increases operations to offer customers a complete manufacturing experience of supply chain management, PCBA, product testing, box build, and integration.
Suntronic achieves the International Organization for Standardization 9001:2000, validating the world-class quality of Suntronic products.
To enter emerging markets, Suntronic acquires a competitor in Austin to serve the semiconductor industry. Within the first year, Suntronic partnered with some of the world's most prominent semiconductor providers.
Suntronic arrives with a bang in the Greater Dallas market with a new 75,000 square foot headquarters. The new location extends Suntronic's influence into the telecom, medical, military, and RF markets.
Suntronic Austin and Suntronic Dallas consolidate operations to better serve our growing international customer base.
In its 25th year, Suntronic celebrates growing from a mom-and-pop shop to over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, now serving a limitless number of industries from prototype to fulfillment. The Suntronic team is already at work, envisioning the next 25 years of partnership with our customers, suppliers, and employees.