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OEM, ODM, EMS and CEM: Important Industry Acronyms You Must Know

May 11, 2022

Electronics manufacturing is one of the most competitive industries in the world. This is because our lives depend on various types of electronic equipment made of several complex and intricate components and accessories. You may be surprised to know that in many cases, these accessories and components may be outsourced to a third party by […]

Why You Need a Prototype PCB Before a Full Manufacturing Run

May 9, 2022

Most businesses prefer building a pilot product or run a small batch of production before doing a mass production. A prototype is a small or basic version of the final product. It helps detect any errors or issues in the product design and allows manufacturers to make changes accordingly. This same rule applies for printed […]

Know the Difference between a Cable Assembly and Wire Harness

February 18, 2022

With an increasing demand for telecom and data networks, the devices and tools required also are in demand. While there are various important networking devices such as switches, multiplexers, media converters, and so on, cables are an important part of any network. Nowadays, with advancements in network technologies pertaining to Ethernet and Gigabit networks and […]

5 Tips to Ensure PCB Assembly Success

February 18, 2022

Electronics has become a part of our daily chores, be it in the form of television, mobile phone, watch or even other highly sophisticated systems. All these electronic products feature PCBs and thus PCB assembly is becoming one of the critical steps involved in the production of electronic products of varied forms, structures and functionalities. […]