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System Integration

System Integration

System integration is the core of any electronics contract manufacturing project and Suntronic specializes in it. Since 1995, we have been supporting clients across industrial segments through all the phases of electronics manufacturing at our well-equipped 110,000 square feet of integrated space in Houston, Texas.

As a leading electronics manufacturing services provider, Suntronic offers its customers a complete manufacturing package including PCBA, supply chain management, product testing, box builds, order fulfillment, and reverse logistics, thereby helping them accelerate their time-to-market capabilities.

System Integration Solutions Offered by Suntronic

We provide end-to-end solutions through the following:
  1. Design for Manufacturing: At Suntronic, we understand prototyping is not enough, so our engineers guide customers through all the phases of product development. We assure time and cost efficiency through all our projects. Pad-to-aperture adjustments, via analysis, footprint review and cost improvement, complexity and defect reduction, mask optimization are only some features of our design for manufacturing (DFM) expertise.

  2. Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA): At Suntronic, we continuously invest in the latest printed circuit board assembly equipment, which allows us to accommodate a variety of complex technologies including UBGA, BGA, CSP, and small profile passives down to and including 0201.

  3. Electronic and Box Build Assembly: Our highly experienced engineering and manufacturing teams have gone beyond the limit of regular electronics and box build assemblies and have dabbled in complex mechatronics. We can provide RoHS compliant box build assemblies based on client requirements. Our responsiveness, flexibility, and world-class manufacturing services enable us to provide a wide range of highly complex and configurable assembly services to our clients.

  4. PCB Conformal Coating Services: Suntronic provides a broad range of PCB conformal coating services that protects PCBs from challenging factors and improves their service life. We regularly work with silicone, acrylic, parylene, epoxy, and polyurethane coating, and so on. Our quality control, production, engineering, and customer service teams work closely to offer the best products that meet your requirements.

  5. Cable and Wire Harness Assembly: Suntronic offers customers a wide range of high-performance interconnect solutions including ribbon cables, coaxial cables, fiber optic cable assemblies, synthetic and steel cable assemblies, electromechanical assemblies, halogen-free cables, and passive component-to-wire. We have invested in the high quality automatic strip, termination, and testing equipment, which allows us to assure high quality and efficiency of the cables that we ship.

  6. Repair and Refurbishment: Suntronic is one of those few experienced PCB system integration companies that provide an extensive range of customized repair and refurbishment services that may or may not be covered by any warranty. We provide a wide range of PCB repair and refurbishment services including BGA and SMT pad repair, gold finger, traces, solder mask, and populated PCB repair services. All electronics are thoroughly tested, cleaned, and repackaged to meet your application requirements.

  7. Supply Chain Management: We provide end-to-end vendor supply chain solutions. All manufacturing is performed in-house at our well-equipped facility and we have partnered with trusted suppliers for material procurement. Our experts follow LEAN practices for design and testing as well as supplier evaluation, process control, and so on.

  8. Testing and Inspection: Quality is of high priority for us at Suntronic. Hence, testing and inspection is deeply integrated in all phases of our services. Our experts perform in-circuit, functional, and optical testing in different phases of PCBA to ensure the PCBs are defect-free and working as per expectations.

  9. Failure Analysis and Reliability: A PCB or electronic assembly may fail due to multiple reasons. So, we provide an extensive range of failure analysis and reliability testing services including micro sectioning analysis, solderability testing, and PCB contamination testing services, and so on. Our experts perform X-ray inspection, PCB optical inspection, and automated optical inspection to check the defects in the PCBs and electronic assemblies.

Why Partner with Suntronic for System Integration Services

There are several electronics manufacturing services providers offering the same kind of services like ours. However, we believe we differ in the following ways:

  • All the projects are handled by certified engineers who overlook all phases of manufacturing from the conceptual phase of product development to prototyping to full-scale production and ensure maximum efficiency and precision.
  • We adhere to the specifications and standards demanded by our customers, which helps us assure the highest rates of satisfaction in the industry. Our team comprises several personnel who are certified to IPC-A-610 and 620 standards. This assures our customers the product is exactly manufactured to their specifications.
  • We follow a tailored customer acceptance program that assures the product’s reliability from the first unit to the end product or throughout its application life.

At Suntronic, our services are not only limited to backplane assemblies and PCB system integration, we can perform system integration and testing services for several software, hardware, subsystems, and systems. We work with the sole commitment of providing quality and cost-effective electronics manufacturing services under the roof. Our technology investments, engineering expertise, and strong supply chain relationships allow us to meet complex requirements for backplane assemblies and PCB system integration. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about system integration capabilities.