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Printed Circuit Board Assembly for Aerospace Industry

The operational efficiency of electronic devices is one of the critical requirements in the aerospace industry. These devices are operated in extreme conditions where high temperatures, chemicals, and vibrations may be involved. The printed circuit board assemblies used in these systems are designed keeping these challenges in mind. Therefore, these circuit board assemblies need special consideration in terms of material, sizes, designs, and so on. This is where Suntronic can help. We can provide low volume and high volume aerospace PCB assemblies and quick-turn prototypes. We are aware of the stringent quality demands for printed circuit boards in the aerospace industry. The electronic systems operated within the aircraft and on-ground contribute to the safety of human lives. Thus, all printed circuit board assemblies are subjected to rigorous testing for accuracy, performance efficiency, and quality before shipping to the customer.

Our Aerospace PCB Assembly Service Capabilities

The following PCB assembly capabilities that we have developed over the years have helped us meet stringent demands and customer requirements effectively.

  • Types of PCBs: Rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible circuit boards in single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer configurations with or without high density interconnects
  • Mounting Technologies: Surface mount (SMT), plated through-hole (PTH), and mixed technology PCBs (SMT and PTH)
  • Materials: FR4, polyimide, and Arlon and others.
  • Copper Weight: UL up to 6 ounces, extreme copper capabilities, multiple weights on internal and external layers
  • Lead times: 24 hours to 5 days for prototypes and small production runs from the time a kit is complete, and up to 20 days for medium to high volume production
  • Manufacturing capabilities: Mechanical and industrial designs, design for manufacturability (DFM), new product introduction (NPI)

In addition to the above, we utilize the following processing capabilities:

  • Microwave and RF PCBs
  • Buried and blind vias
  • Non-conductive and conductive filled vias
  • Heatsinks
  • Metal clad PCBs
  • Controlled routing through Z-axis

Beneficial Features of Aerospace PCB Assembly Solutions Offered by Suntronic

Our aerospace PCB assembly services have gained immense popularity in recent years. We believe the following factors of our PCB assemblies are well-appreciated by our clients.

  1. Use of Industry-grade Components: We understand that the use of PCBs in commercial-grade electronic equipment and aerospace electronic equipment is quite different. In the aerospace industry, electronic devices often have to withstand challenging environmental conditions including high temperatures. To address this, our experts use high-temperature laminates (as recommended by clients), aluminum substrates, and copper compounds that can efficiently perform in challenging environments without deformation.
  2. High Current Loads: We understand that PCB assemblies used in aircraft applications are subjected to high current loads. Thus, they are tested for the required current loads in simulated environments before shipping to the client.
  3. Use of Thermal Compounds: We use thermal compounds in applications involving high heat dissipation. The use of thermal compounds and press-fit components also helps us assure security from shocks and vibrations when the electronic device is being operated inside the aircraft.
  4. Differentiation of Radio Frequency Components: Most aerospace electronics applications utilize high and low-frequency components. These components need to be differentiated clearly, and their contacts must be minimized. Our experts address this factor during the design phase to avoid signal quality degradation. In addition to this, they include shielding in important places and also try to keep short transmission lines to assure high signal quality.
  5. Weight Reduction: The printed circuit boards in aerospace applications are lighter than regular commercial application boards. To meet this requirement, our experts always use aluminum substrates that are lightweight and can withstand high temperatures. For improving their efficiency, thermally conductive prepregs are used with these substrates.

Applications of Aerospace PCB Assembly

As one of the leading electronics manufacturing services provider, Suntronic provides aerospace PCB assemblies, box build assemblies, and prototypes for the following aerospace industry applications.

  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • LED lighting systems
  • Power converters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Control tower systems
  • Radio communication systems
  • Electronic flight instrumentation systems
  • Passive detection devices
  • Military ground vehicles

Why Partner with Suntronic for Your Aerospace PCB Assembly Services

Suntronic can be the best choice for your aerospace PCB assembly requirements due to the following reasons.

  • We possess 27 years of experience in PCB fabrication and assembly. This experience has helped us build performance-driven PCBs over the years. Be it any complex design, you can count on us.
  • Everything right from design to fabrication to assembly is overseen by our certified staff who has been associated with us as long as the company has existed.
  • When it comes to the printed circuit boards for the aerospace industry, you can benefit from our technical know-how and implementation of industry best practices, which helps us keep the success rates high.
  • We can perform prototyping and full volume PCB production with equal ease. Our experts perform this to ensure consistency, quality, and reliability.
  • All PCBs are subjected to thermal and vibration testing, which are integral to aerospace PCBs. This helps us assure high-performance aerospace printed circuit boards and assemblies.
  • Material selection is one of the most important aspects of any PCB assembly process and it is essential in the aerospace PCB assembly, too. We have partnered with the most trusted vendors in the industry, which offers us access to the best materials. We can provide a traceability certificate on request.
  • Intrinsic safety is a crucial consideration when it comes to aerospace PCB assemblies. We always take care to classify the parts as intrinsically safe. This means they will not release heat that can easily ignite the electronic device under consideration.
  • Our experts conduct a rigorous risk assessment before the start of the project to assure quality and deadlines are met. This risk assessment addresses key factors such as production schedules, consignment and turnkey services, the use of the right parts and substitutes, manufacturing defects, part failure issues, and so on.

Be it regular commercial-grade PCBs or aerospace printed circuit boards, we are extremely conscious of the quality. We take all necessary efforts to maintain it throughout the PCB assembly and fabrication phases. Our experts always work closely with clients to understand their requirements and offer the right solution based on their needs. We can accommodate any customization in the design phase to improve the product feasibility and performance. You can contact our team today to know more about our printed circuit board assembly services for the aerospace industry or other industry sectors.