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PCB Assembly Solutions for the Medical Industry

The medical industry encompasses several segments such as diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, home health monitoring, consultation, and so on. All of these segments have witnessed revolutionary changes in the way this sector functions. These changes can be attributed to the use of PCBA in several medical devices and machines. At Suntronic, we provide PCB assembly services for the medical industry which can be attributed to our experience of working with several clients from this sector. This has helped us develop expertise and offer the best possible solutions which can be customized to suit your needs.

Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly Service Capabilities for the Medical Industry

We are well versed with the technological advancements as well as the increasing requirements of the medical sector in terms of automated equipment, robotic surgeries, 3D imaging, telemedicine, and so on. Our experience of making medical grade PCBs for several clients in this sector has helped us understand their requirements well. Here are our capabilities pertaining medical PCBs and assemblies.

  • Material Procurement: We use FDA approved materials where applicable and parts to make medical PCBAs and procure standard materials from the best of our vendors. Aluminum is a commonly used material for these PCBs because it is lightweight, heat resistant, and sturdy.
  • PCB Design and Manufacturing: We are capable of offering thin and small-sized boards with the required temperature sensitivity for various segments in the medical sector. We offer various finishes such as electrolytic gold and silver, immersion gold, silver, and tin, OSP, as well as SMOBC/HASL for medical PCBs.
  • Component Mounting Used for various PCB Assembly Types: We use surface mount technology (SMT), ball grid array (BGA), uBGA/micro BGA, chip-scale packaging (CSP) for component mounting on boards. The boards may have any number of layers between 2 and 20 or more depending on the device function and requirement. They may be single or double sided boards with large parts mounted on both sides. We manually assemble medical PCBs which need to fit into odd-shaped devices.
  • Soldering and Coating Methods: We use various soldering techniques for accurate component mounting and circuitry. Some of the soldering techniques we use are selective wave soldering, high melting point (HMP) soldering, Pb88 Soldering, and Au80 Soldering. We offer RoHS-compliant solder and lead- or tin-based solders depending on the requirement. We also perform pcb conformal coating for added protection, wherein we apply a layer of copper on the board.
  • Testing Techniques: We are very particular about quality and understand the significance of such PCBAs in crucial sectors like medicine. We ensure accurate design and functioning of our PCBA using various testing techniques such as visual inspection, automated optical inspection (AOI), microscopic inspection, flying probe test (FPT), x-ray inspection, and so on.
  • File Formats: We accept your design files in Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF, and DWG formats, along with the Bill of Materials (BOM).

Why Choose Suntronic’s PCB Assembly Solutions for the Medical Industry

We design medical grade PCBs with materials that can resist high temperatures and consider many other specifications. Here are some reasons for partnering with us for your requirements regarding PCBs in the medical industry:

  • We are aware of the cleanliness and sanitization required for medical devices. we consider this aspect when designing PCBAs too. We ensure meeting PDA requirements for sanitization and control.
  • Our vendor network and supply chain management is extremely efficient, and hence you do not materials and mountable components you require. We can procure right materials and parts from the best suppliers in our network.
  • Being a full service manufacturer, we offer end-to-end solutions to fulfill your medical PCBA requirements. So, none of our processes are outsourced to any third party companies. We design, manufacture and assemble PCBs entirely at our well-equipped facility.
  • Being focused on quality and precision, we ensure to perform strict inspection for our PCBAs before they are shipped out. We can cater to complex requirements of the medical industry and make thin and small boards with maximum features and components.
  • We believe in continual improvement and adding new features to our PCBs. Also, we keep ourselves upgraded in terms of the recent research and implementation of new technologies in the medical sector. Hence, we invest in research and development and have an experienced team for the same, which fosters innovation.

Applications of Medical PCB Assembly Solutions

There are many applications of medical PCBAs we offer. Here are some of them.

  • 24-hour monitoring devices and displays
  • Imaging and MRI equipment
  • CT scan machines
  • Surgical equipment
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Heart monitors
  • Pacemakers
  • Infusion fluid control systems
  • Neurological testing devices
  • Blood sugar monitoring devices
  • Body temperature measurement devices

If you are an OEM in the healthcare sector who makes biomedical equipment, then we can help you with medical grade PCB assemblies. You can totally rely on us in this case and be assured in terms of quality, tolerances, and requirement compatibility. We have a deep understanding of various aspects such as temperature range, features in various equipment, and operational environments in the medical sector. At Suntronic Inc., we follow the best practices for quality and comply with the industry standards throughout the design, manufacturing, and assembling of PCBAs. These aspects combined with our experience and expertise allow us to offer fast turnaround times even for custom medical PCBs. In case you have any questions about our medical PCBAs or need to share requirements, do reach us via phone or email.